Contact a Technician

Contact a Technician

One of the best ways to contact our service technicians is by email. If you have a question for a tech please use the email form below and you will be contacted by an alarm technician promptly. You can also try the “helpful hints” menu at the bottom of this page for information about some of the more common questions we receive.

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Helpful Hints for Honeywell & Ademco Alarms

Keypad beeping every 30 seconds - To stop the beeping put in [your code] + [off]. Honeywell alarm systems will beep if there is a trouble condition. The most common cause is a low battery. Be sure to contact technical support to let us know.

“Low Battery” or “Lo Bat” is displayed on Keypad - Your alarm system will always have a backup battery in case of a power outage. These batteries usually last 4 to 7 years and then need to be replaced. Some systems also have batteries in the various sensors. Before you go out and buy a battery contact tech support so we can let you know what type of battery you will need.

“Fault” is displayed on keypad – Fault usually means that a door or window is open. Press the [*] key twice to view which door or window is open.

Power Outage – Your alarm system has a backup battery in case your home loses power. If the power is out for several hours your backup battery will probably go low. If this happens you will get a “Lo Bat” or “Low System Battery” message on the keypad. Once the power is restored the battery will recharge and the “Low Battery” message should go away. If the “low battery” message persists for more than 24 hours after power has been restored please contact technical support by email or call the service office.

Keypad is dead – If your keypad is dead it usually indicates that your alarm system has lost power. The alarm is plugged in at one of your outlets either in the home, in the attic, or in the garage. Check your circuit breaker to make sure that one of your circuits is not tripped. You can also check your GFI outlets to see if they need to be reset. If you cannot get power restored to the alarm contact technical support.

Cannot Arm my alarm – Make sure the green ready light is on. If not, put in [your code] + [off]. If the green light is still not lit press the [*] key twice to view which door or window is open.

“FC” is displayed on keypad – FC indicates “failure to communicate”. Be sure to call the service center right away so we can run a communication test on your alarm. Hint – If you make changes to your phone service, sometimes the phone technician will carelessly disconnect the alarm system from the phone-line. It is always a good idea to contact us whenever you change phone companies or have a phone technician out to your home. That way we can test the alarm communication to ensure that signals are still being received at the monitoring center.

Forgot my code – Call the service office at 480-835-6001. Hint… your code is 4 digits in length.

Forgot my password – Call the service office at 480-835-6001. Hint… your password can usually be found on your contract.