Interactive Alarm App

Security just got smarter!
The new Interactive service gives you the ability to control your alarm system from almost anywhere with your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or PC. This service literally puts the control your alarm in the palm of your hand. Talk about convenience!
Arm your system from anywhere
What if you forgot to arm your system when you left the house? Simply open the app on your smartphone, then click “arm”. It’s that easy!
Get text alerts
Wondering if your kids made it home from school? Or perhaps you need to know if the pet sitter is coming and going as scheduled? The interactive app can be programmed to send you text alerts whenever the alarm is turned on or off.
More secure
Another advantage of the interactive service is that it utilizes cellular-based communication instead of using a landline connection. Phone techs will sometimes disconnect your alarm system when doing work on your lines. This effectively disconnects your alarm from the monitoring center…not good. The interactive service works independent of your phone service so your system is always connected. Plus, the cellular-based connection cannot be physically cut by an intruder.
Great for business owners…
The interactive service has some HUGE advantages for business owners and managers. The most obvious is that you can use it to check to make sure the alarm is being armed and disarmed when it is supposed to be. If the alarm is not armed you can arm it without having to drive down to the office. Each employee can also be assigned a distinct user code that allows you to track their use of the alarm system. Additionally, you can set up text alerts so that you are alerted when your employees arrive and when they leave.

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